Welcome friend,

The Intro
Who, me? I'm a user experience designer who enjoys the finer details, yet respects the process towards solving problems and finding solutions to real user problems. I'm a firm believer that user experience is the core of any product. Coupled with solid user research and delightful visual design you can build experiences that thrill people and change their lives. Learn more about me professionally on LinkedIn.

The Facts
I grew up in Connecticut where I obtained degrees in Digital Media and Writing/English. Inevitably I found myself adventuring to Boston to continue my career in design. I dreamed of traveling to space when I was younger and that interest still rings true in my adulthood. People fascinate me and if I hadn't majored in design and writing you probably would've found me studying psychology and human behavior. I've worked at companies ranging from a design agency with friends, to web analytics for marketers, to mobile apps that track how far and fast your run. Currently I work at a startup focused around making the world smile a little more via uniquely engineered pieces of paper.

The Fun
When I'm not thinking about product design you can find me playing the piano and guitarrunning long distances, perpetually having writer's block, consuming delicious beer, or fixing my 1970's mopeds that seem to breakdown on a monthly basis. I love composing happy music and I love writing about death. I thoroughly enjoy being a realist; some might classify that as sarcasm. I'll leave that up for further debate.