Breeze App

Breeze: A Pedometer App

Breeze was a project that part of the Runkeeper team took on in late 2013 after realizing that the marketplace lacked a passive tracker that did more than just count steps. We wanted to create a passive tracker that encouraged you throughout your day while also giving you some insight into how you can gradually improve your lifestyle on a daily and weekly basis. We set out to build an app that was engaging and interesting to the user without feeling too much like we were pestering or hand holding.

The Core Problems

1. Passive tracking is boring.

2. Keeping up with goals is often impossible and unrewarding

3. Habit forming is hard.

The Solutions

When we entered the world of passive tracking we knew that it was the new "thing", fueled by Apple's new M5 chip, but we also knew we could provide a better experience around making steps more interesting and engaging than simply a number you try to aim for everyday. People don't care about the steps they care about the results of those steps. Walking 10,000 steps a day (a typical daily step goal) means nothing if it doesn't align with your personal situation. We knew that if we could make the experience towards achieving your daily step goal memorable and, dare I say it, fun, then we could captivate people and engage them to inevitably do more. Utilizing properly timed push notifs and some witty/playful content, we could make moving that little bit more seem like something worth doing.

We knew that goal setting was at the core of Breeze and that people latch onto goals and streaks as something that helps them reach their fitness goals. But we went a littler deeper. Instead of abiding by the normal 10,000 steps average that many pedometer apps arbitrarily set for you, we realized that everyone is different and have unique limitations pertaining to their lives. Breeze sets a step goal based on a moving average across your previous week's movement. It also takes into account what day of the week it is and how certain factors in your daily life attribute to the amount you typically move throughout any given day. From this we create an average, dispensing of any low/hi outliers, to give you a perfectly achievable goal each day that always seems reasonable and attainable.

Habit forming has always been hard for everyone. The beauty of Breeze is that we don't ask you to commit to a lifelong habit. We ask you to take baby steps towards a daily goal that is smart about adjusting to your situation so that you can understand how you're improving little by little. Since our goal is developed to be smart about setting you up for success, each small victory feels like a meaningful step towards forming a habit that embodies a healthier life and a better you.

Co-designed with Max Freiert and Drew Condon.