Breeze Process


Breeze was a huge undertaking by the Runkeeper team with the inevitable goal of making a passive tracking app that was interesting, engaging, and fun. However, the thinking behind it was months in the works before we even thought about building a single component of UI.

From the ground up.

Breeze was built from scratch. We began by doing preliminary user interviews/testing, surveying our users, and gauging the competition so that we could understand how we could create value out of the passive tracking market.

Design-wise, we began working through early concepting of overall tone of visual style, typography choice, and content voice. We create numerous moodboards to communicate different concepts and directions that Breeze could go in. We also experimented with "voiceboards" which acted similar to moodboards in that they gave us a foundation to judge how we wanted the app to sound from a voice and tone level. 

Co-designed with Max Freiert and Drew Condon.